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What Are You Supposed to Do if You Get Locked Out?

So, you are locked out of your home. What should you do?  Well, getting locked out of your house is probably one of the most stressful feelings in the world. It is annoying and always seems to occur whenever you least expect it.

If you know that these things happen, you ideally have given a spare home key to a trusted friend or neighbor. However, if you haven’t, here are several things you should do.

Contact a Professional Locksmith

A quick phonebook or internet search can offer you with a list of reliable and professional locksmiths in your area. Locksmiths provide services exactly for this reason. They’ll be able to unlock your door, whether they’ve got to remove the lock or break into the door. 

This method will certainly cost you money. However, if you hire Sherlock Locksmith, you will only have to spend a little since we offer our services at affordable price. We will also get the job done in no time. Thus, you won’t have to waste your time.

Install a Smart Lock

This might be a handy advice after the event. However, installing a smart lock is an excellent idea to make sure you will never be locked out of your house again. A smart lock is a device that’s connection to your tablet or phone. Using your device, you can easily gain access to your house. 

You can also try a keyless entry system if a smart lock isn’t for you. This system utilizes keypad. All you have to do is type in the passcode. Make sure that you do not forget the passcode. 

Call a Friend

As we have mentioned earlier, people usually give out extra keys to a trusted family member or friend. Thus, they can simply call them up whenever cases like this occur. Contact your landlord and ask them to let you in if you’re living in a condominium or rental house. Though you might not always want to give extra keys to each family member or friend, it does prove handy in cases such as this. 

Try a Door or Window

Look for any open doors or windows that you can let yourself in through by taking a walk around your house. Always take a lot of care as you climb through your window if you do find an open one. Though you must not leave backdoors or windows unlocked, they are extremely useful entry points whenever you’ve locked out yourself.

Head on Over to Your Neighbors

Neighbors aren’t only great for borrowing a cup of salt. A neighbor should at least have some common household items since a locked door can be opened using a screwdriver, a rod, a coat hanger, or a shoestring. Also, they can give you a hand if you require it. You have to be careful not to scratch the interior or exterior of your door if you use a screwdriver and a rod. 

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