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Knowing When to Replace Your Locks

As a homeowner, you want your house to be as safe as possible. However, since it is a long term investment, you want the money you spend on locks be worth it. That is why you have to know when it is ideal to replace your locks in order to save money and protect your home.

You will find that a lot of situations require a lock replacement. In order for you to keep your house secure, consider these several scenarios.

Outdated or Worn Out Locks

Though locks last a long period of time, as time goes one, they become less effective. The different mechanisms begin to fail, and you may find it harder to turn your key in order to unlock or lock a door. Now may be the ideal time for you to replace your locks if you have trouble using them.

In addition to that, oftentimes, older locks are less advanced than the latest ones. Thus, upgrading your locks can enhance your home’s security. The more modern your lock, the less possibility there is that a burglar will already know how to break through it. 

Someone Tried to Break In

An attempted break-in is a sufficient reason to change your locks, even if a burglar does not succeed in breaking into your home. Burglars know quite a little about your lock if they already tried to break in. with that, they will know what will and will not be effective to get past it. If you replace your old locks, you can deter that burglar from breaking into your home again.

Someone Moved Out

Getting new locks is an excellent idea if someone moved out of your home or apartment that previously had a key. For instance, perhaps you had a tenant whose lease is outdated. You can’t really ensure that they don’t have a copy of your keys. Thus, changing the locks is an excellent idea, even if the tenant already returned the original keys to you. 

This can also be applied whenever a roommate or other individuals, such as your ex-partner, moved out of your home. 

You Lost a Key

You can peacefully sleep knowing that you’ve got quite a bit of control over who has access into your house whenever you know where all your keys are. However, if you lose a key, don’t panic. You can simply change your locks to regain your peace of mind. 

You can lose a key in a lot of various cases. Thus, do not simply think that the key simply falls out of your bag. Your key may fall into the hands of a person with intentions that are less than noble. 

You Moved In

You want to change locks if you have moved into a new house, especially a house that people used to live in. You’ve got no idea who might still have a key to the house, from previous owners, old friends, and real estate agents. 

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