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Garage Door Locks & Additional Security

This article might be just for you if you have been thinking about adding extra security to your garage door. At Sherlock Locksmith, we are frequently asked by our customers what they could do to improve the total security of their garage and home. One ideal way to do that is to use garage door locks.

Below are some measures that you can implement as long as you’ve got a garage door.

Slide Locks

A garage door slide lock can deter any form of unauthorized entry. These locks are easy to install and affordable. The biggest disadvantage is that you have to lock them manually every time. For different slide lock models, you can consult Sherlock Locksmith. We can also give you recommendations on the best ways to secure them.

T-Handle Locks

The T-handle lock is a widely used lock that is common in almost every garage door in the entire world. You probably even recognize this one. T-handle locks are easily recognizable by their special handles that turn and lock/unlock the garage door. Usually, the cost of these locks runs around $10 up to $30, which is affordable.

Is My Garage Worth Locking?

There are a lot of reasons why your garage is worth locking. First and foremost, some of your valuables are stored in your garage. Of course, these valuables are not for others to sell or to steal. They are yours. A non-guarded or poorly guarded garage is susceptible to burglars. 

In addition to that, most of the time, your garage directly leads into your house. We all have heard of the burglars that break into garages and then gain access to your home. 

Don’t I Already Have a Garage Lock?

It all depends. Do you have an installed automatic garage door opener? If yes, then you have some type of lock. A garage door opener is activated whenever you close the garage door. If you want to test the security of your garage door opener, you can simply try to lift manually your garage door. Of course, if it’s working, you can’t lift your garage door. Whenever your garage door is closed, the lock is activated. You can only unlock the lock by using the wall button or tap the remote opener to unlock the garage door. 

Why Do Burglars Break Into Any Garage?

Nowadays, garages are used just like how we use basements and attics back in the day. We store items that do not belong side the house, items that we no longer use, and much more. We also store our typical recreational and automotive devices and vehicles inside our garage. 

Oftentimes, garages are filled with assorted garden tools such as rolls of tape, cinderblocks, lumber, bags of cement, and much more. 

Of course, these items can still be sold. That’s why a lot of burglars try to break-in garages. Also, your garage can be the burglar’s access inside your home. This is the reason why you should secure it.

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